What is ExpenSync?

Track your expenses anywhere, on any device, and synchronize them using Dropbox.

ExpenSync is designed to make it as easy and time-saving as possible to track expenses. Add new expenses quickly in the app's start screen – just the price is mandatory, so if you are in a hurry, you are not forced to fill in everything.

Customize the categories you want to track, add new categories with custom icons and disable categories you don't need.

Synchronize and backup your expenses in the cloud, using your existing Dropbox account. Add expenses anywhere on your mobile device, synchronize and you'll have them on your computer!


Developed by Stephan Giesau. Visit developer's website
This project is available on GitHub.


This project would not have been possible without a community of open web technologies and open source software.
Thanks to the developers of Framework7, localStorageDB, jQuery, Crossfilter, D3.js, DC.js, multideviceDatabase and Dropbox Datastore API. Thanks to GitHub for providing code and application hosting services.